To Cuba with Obama team returns to Nashville

Sheyla Paz and The Paz Team report as the normalizing relations with Cuba enters next phase

Nashville, Tennessee (March, 22, 2016) – #TCwO coverage continues across all social media.

* Saturday March 26, 2016

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No American foreign policy drought has lasted longer than the 57 years the United States spent clinging to its broken Cuban policy. American presidents came and went, but Fidel and Raúl Castro stayed. President Barack Obama made his historic trip to the communist island nation March 20th – 22nd, 2016 to confirm his commitment that Cubans and Americans should again be brothers in business, not just brothers by geography.

Sheyla Paz, President of Paz Communications, Inc., witnessed the historic moments. She fully understands life under communist rule in Cuba where she lived until she was 28 years old. As a young woman, Sheyla sat on the wall on the Malecón, Havana’s main highway, and stared out into the Florida Straits wondering how she would lever leave communist Cuba for a better life, a democratic life, in the United States. Fast forward to now where she is married to a Nashville based songwriter and she creates, produces, edits and presents her own vibrant social media endeavors. Completely self-taught, this Cuban-educated kindergarten teacher captivates her growing audience with her bubbly appeal, stick-to-it chutzpah, excellent story telling and fearlessness. All with her signature Cuban flair.

Sheyla returned Wednesday from Havana with reporter/producer and owner of CubaStructure, Christopher Peake. They covered the historic change in relations along with the help of Sheyla’s brother, reporter/producer Luis Paz, who continues to live and report for The Paz Team from the island nation. The Paz Team witnessed over the past few days the hoped-for signs of rapprochement between the two countries. Indeed, enormous obstacles must be overcome. Basic human rights as free speech, freedom to protest and congregate have a long way to go. The Cuban government continues to have a strict stranglehold on its people.

Obama’s trip would be considered by some a success if the Castro’s announced the release of all political prisoners, that Cuba is a fully open democratic society and repairs relations with those Cubans who fled. As President Obama said several times, Cuba is now at the point of “a new beginning”. Some argue simply flooding Cuba with American ideas, ideals and trade will jumpstart their society into change. But, Sheyla understands that a collective resolve, by both countries, is the only path, and, it must be handled gingerly. Now, there might be a stronger chance the two nations will work together.

Agreements have restored everything from commercial flights to mail service. American companies like Southwest and JetBlue plan service from major cities in the United States direct to Havana and other cities on the island. Google, AirBnB, Marriott International and Starwood Hotels as well as Western Union other American companies are making deals to open shop in Cuba.

Last year American travel to Cuba jumped by 50 percent, and those numbers are expected to increase in 2016. It’s people-to-people diplomacy, through none other than Airbnb, that has succeeded in connecting tourists with hosts on the island, building cultural connections and putting money into the pockets of average Cubans.

The Paz Communications, Inc. team created the “To Cuba with Obama” coverage and branded it as #TCwO across all social media platforms. As the TCwO team arrive back in Nashville on board a Southwest flight, The Paz Team agrees little of their travels will be forgotten. The Paz Team will continue to post and develop more in-depth reports. Our producerin Cuba continues to shoot stories there to help Sheyla Paz tell the Cuban people’s narratives.

The Paz Team travel to Cuba was possible with the generous support of Southwest Airlines, Connexion Americas, Back to Cuba Cafe, Law Offices of Sean Lewis, Bob Tuke – Trauger & Tuke Attorneys at Law. Several private and anonymous donors also contributed generously. The Paz Team continues to rely on the donations through the GoFundMe “To Cuba with Obama” campaign. As The Paz Team knows, this is just a new beginning.

Sheyla Paz, President/Owner/Talent

Christopher Peake, Producer/Reporter

Luis Paz, Producer/Reporter (Cuba)

Elaine Hume Peake, Executive Producer

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